An Aldie lady was charged with greater than a hundred misdemeanor counts associated to the treatment of animals. Loudoun County officials stated that her rabbits, turkeys, hen, sheep, chinchillas, ducks, and quail were living in “squalid, illegal situations.” Hundreds of animals have been surrendered to Loudoun County Animal Services after an Aldie girl was charged in an animal hoarding investigation. The only animals Blue Chip will take in without this on-line type are strays and animals in emergency situations. “We just put it online now so that we now have a few days to decide if we will take the animal. We have time to contact the vet to make sure that every thing you advised us was true,” stated Ripka.
She was taken to an aquarium in South Australia for medical treatment, throughout which she spent three weeks living with captive dolphins which had been taught various tricks. It was a trick that Billie appeared to have picked up simply by watching her erstwhile pool mates perform. More hanging yet, soon afterwards 5 different dolphins in her pod began to tailwalk, although the behaviour had no practical function and used up plenty of energy.